The Master Light

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Design minimalist

Lumină caldă, rece și albă

Reglabil la preferință

Telecomandă inclusă

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This corner lamp has a minimalist and clean design. The Master Light comes with an included remote control that allows you to dim the light to your desired strength and choose between the different light colors (warm,cold and white light).

Japanese minimalism inspires to compose your interior in the simplest way possible with simple lines and pure materials. Our 'Master Light' fits perfectly into the picture. Your interior will have a stylish and tranquil look with handcrafted products, details, colors and shapes inspired by art, architecture, design and interior design.


Sursa de lumina: LED

Tip articol: lămpi de podea

Material: Aluminiu/Metal

Lumen: 2200L

Tensiune: 100-240V

Culoarea neagra

Inclus: telecomanda

Lungime (picior): 40 cm

Lungime lampa: 140 cm