Lumina Liniei

725,52 lei

Design minimalist

Lumină caldă, rece și albă

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Telecomandă inclusă

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'The Line Light' is a minimalist pendant lamp that gives a stylish look thanks to its sleek - minimalist design. Do you want a sharp and powerful light distribution in your space? Then this lamp is exactly what you are looking for! This vertical pendant lamp provides your interior with a hefty dose of elegance.

The innovative pendant lamp is available in black and is made of aluminum. You can choose between two variants, namely The Line Light Small of 60 cm or The Line Light Large of 140 cm. So there is something for everyone. You can also choose between cold , warm and cold light with the remote. The small version fits perfectly in your bedroom or even next to your dining table thanks to its warm light. The large version is ideal for your living room or next to your work desk.


Sursa de lumina: LED

Tip element: Lampă suspendată

Material: Aluminiu/Metal

Tensiune: 90-260V

Culoarea neagra

Inclus: telecomanda

Lungime lampa: 60/140cm